July 20, 2024

Roborock S5 vs. E25 vs. C10

You will agree with me that Roborock is taking over the robot vacuums industry. The Chinese brand has continued to give its American counterparts a run for their money. In this Roborock S5 vs. E25 vs. C10 review, we are comparing the high-end Roborock vacuum (S5) to the middle tier (E2), and low-end model (C10).

Let’s find out the difference in features in a bid to explain the price difference.

First, we will have a short introduction of the models before embarking on the main business of the day; analyzing the similarities, and most importantly, the differences.

Roborock C10

This is an entry-level robot vacuum cleaner that has already sold for less than $100 severally. While it may be is taken for an unworthy robot vacuum, it packs some great features including WiFi for app and Alexa operation.

Surprisingly, its vacuum power rivals high-end models like Roomba 980. Compared to the other Roborock, it is definitely short-handed, but when compared with models from other brands, it offers excellent value for money.

Roborock E2

This is the middle tier model from Roborock and improves on a few features. One important thing to note is that the Roborock E2 is the series name and there are two models; E20 vs. E25 with the former being the white model and the latter a black model otherwise all features are the same.

The E2 will set you back around $300, and it offers some great features compared to what other $300 models like Roomba 690 offer.

Roborock S5

The Roborock is the talk of the town today even though the Chinese giants have already released the S5 which is yet to hit the US market.

The S5 is available in four colors; S50 (white), S55 (black), S51 (rose gold), and S52 (Inter Milan blue). The S5 is a top contender for the best robot vacuum in the market and competes with the likes of Roomba 980, i7+ and Botvac D7 Connected.

Now, let’s get to the main business; Roborock S5 vs. E25 vs. C10 face to face comparison.

Roborock S5 vs. E25 vs. C10 Similarities

  • Chinese brands – The three vacuums are all from the same Chinese brand Roborock, which is under the larger Xiaomi Group.
  • SLAM navigation – The three vacuums use a SLAM (Simultaneous Localization & Mapping) algorithm for localization backed up by anyone drop sensors and anti-cliff sensors.
  • Filtration – Robovac robot cleaners all use a HEPA style filtration system, which is 99% efficient but filters down to 10 microns. Remember true HEPA filter is the best for allergy sufferers as it filters down to 0.3 microns.
  • Brush system – The three vacuums share the same brush system which includes a bristle-style spiral brushroll and one side-sweeping brush.
  • Smart connectivity – The low-end to high-end Roborock vacuums all come with 2.4GHz for Smartphone app operation, voice control, and other 3rd party integration.

Roborock S5 vs. E25 vs. C10 Differences

  • Suction power – These three vacuums have different outputs as far as suction is concerned. Roborock C10 delivers a maximum of 1600Pa, which is impressive for its price. The Xiaowa E2 follows with 1800Pa, and lastly, we have the S5 that boasts an industry leading 2000Pa suction.
  • Autonomy – This is all about power management. The C10 has a 2600mAh battery that lasts it for 60 minutes. As for the E25 and S5, the last 100 minutes and 150 minutes, respectively.
  • Bin/Tank system – The Roborock C10 and E2 come with a 0.64L bin while the S5 features a 0.48L bin. The C10 lacks a water tank, and on the other hand, the S5 and E2 come with 0.14L water tanks.
  • Floor mapping – One shortcoming of the C10 is that it doesn’t have intelligent floor mapping and instead moves in a random pattern. As for the E2 and S5, they scan and map your floor and follow a systematic route when cleaning.
  • Zone Cleaning – Roborock S5 has the Zone Cleaning function meaning you can tap any area of your house and the robot will head there. This function is among the compromises of the Xiaowa Lite C10 and Xiaowa E2.
  • Boundary Marking – The S5 comes with digital boundaries which allow homeowners to set limits on the app while the Xiaowa E2 works with physical markers only. As for the C10, it doesn’t have any boundary marking function.
  • Manual Drive – This is a cool feature that lets you manually control where the robot should go next and is available in the Roborock S5. However, the cheap C10 and E2 lack the function.

Who Should buy Roborock C10?

The C10 is an excellent choice if you are on a very tight budget as it costs less than $200 and surprisingly, it once sold for just $95. It will also suit those looking for a bare floor and low pile carpet vacuum in less busy and small apartments.

Buy the C10 if you have pets also as the brush is tangle free and it generates enough suction to pick up both the short pet hair as well as the long strands from breeds like Chihuahua.
Smart home enthusiasts will also like this vacuum because of the WiFi connectivity.

Who Should buy Roborock E2?

The C10 may be cheap but lacks several features like 2-in-1 cleaning so if you want an inexpensive vacuum that integrates a mopping function, Xiaowa E2 will be a great purchase.

It will do a great job on all bare floors as well as low to medium pile carpets. Pet owners will also like the tangle free brush and most importantly, the wet mopping function that wipes away pet urine stains and paw marks.

Buy this vacuum if you also have a large multiroom apartment as it maps the floor and plans a systematic cleaning pattern.
Lastly, the Xiaowa E2 is an excellent option for smart home enthusiasts, just like the C10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roborock S5 vs Roborock E25 vs Roborock C10: which robot is better for carpets and pet hair?
Among the three models, Roborock S5 will be the most beneficial choice for people with fluffy pets and carpeted floors. This robot has Carpet Boost technology, optimal rollers, and extreme 2000 Pa suction. The E25 and C10 offer less power (1800 and 1600 Pa), but can be used as more budget options.

How can I schedule my Roborock E25 robot cleaner?
Roborock E25 is a budget and smart robotic cleaner that supports WiFi. Thus, you can run it via smartphone app, setting cleaning schedules.

Can I use cleaning solutions with my Roborock S5?
Roborock does not recommend adding any cleaning solutions into water tanks of its mopping robots, including Roborock S5 model. Please mind that violation of this operation rule may cause robot`s damage. However, you can put some solution on the mop pad.

What is the most affordable Roborock robot vacuum cleaner?
Being the simplest robot, Roborock C10 also proves to be the most affordable. At the moment, its price is about $200. Roborock E25 and S5 will cost you $280 and $500, respectively.

Who Should buy Roborock S5?
The S5 is for those who are looking for excellent cleaning performance and convenience without minding about the budget.

Its 2-in-1 cleaning makes it best for all types of bare floors; hardwood, tile, vinyl, linoleum, and concrete, to mention a few. The mopping function will clear all pet stains and paw marks while the high 2000Pa suction power makes it a great deal for any carpet.

The S5 also has a powerful battery and intelligent floor mapping to suit large apartments and multirooms. The WiFi and additional app functions like Digital Boundaries, Zone Cleaning, and Manual Drive also enhance convenience.