How to Forward AOL Mail to Gmail Manually?

Gmail generally works on the forwarding of two wide varieties of mails forwarding mail from the AOL feature. Aol mail forwarding either you can use it in an integrated way or work on moving the entire mail. Thus forwarding the emails on Gmail has been one of the best ideas while you have been working on closing the AOL mail account permanently or temporarily. Most of the time users ask the benefits of the process forwarding AOL Mail to Gmail.  Well in that case here are some of the key points that come as a benefit in the forwarding process of  AOL Mail to Gmail. It has a great feature of moving your entire email including calendar, contacts and all the new emails of that month. Forwarding all the mails to Gmail will make it more accessible on devices. Gmail is one of the most used and user-friendly platforms in India. One of the best features of this mail is that an important email doesn’t get lost from the Gmail account even if you have lost them on your AOL mail.

This article is a one-stop solution for problems like can I forward AOL Mail to Gmail?

Most of the times many of us face this issue of like sending emails or forwarding emails, that only happens when you have not been well guided on this process. So to make your forward aol mail to gmail process more easy and understandable we have given simple steps to forward AOL Mail to Gmail.  Follow these simple steps listed below for getting the best guidance to forward AOL mail to Gmail.

How to forward AOL Mail & Total list of contacts to Gmail?

Aol mail forwarding process will make it easier Since these techniques purely work on the copy of all the older emails to your AOL mailbox so that you can choose the correct mailbox without losing whole data on your mailbox. One of the main things to get noted during this technique is that it only works for a month which is 30 days. However, forward aol mail to gmail as per a professional recommendation, you should not keep on using the AOL mail in the future long run time if you are in business. As its features make it complicated for the business and also have a huge chance of losing up emails. On the other hand, Gmail is the world’s most used mails and has great interface support that won’t make you lose out on your important business emails. 

Steps to Forward AOL Mail to Gmail

So if you want to forward AOL Mail to Gmail follow these simple steps guide below

Step 1 To start the forwarding process just click on the gear button that appears on the right side corner location of your Gmail account.

Step 2 Then click on settings and  then move on  “Account and import” option that has been appeared above on the bar.

Step 3 Later, Then click and choose the” Import mails and contacts”.

Step 4 Now in the tab, enter your AOL mail id and password.

Step 5 Then once you are done with entering AOL mail id and password correctly.

Step 6 Next step would be the selection of things that you wanted to import to your Gmail account. 

Step 7 Gmail provides you three different kinds of checkboxes where you can easily select and forward contacts, new emails and old emails for almost 30 days.

Step 8  Then select the option of import 

What is the method to check AOL Emails on Gmail?

Forward AOL Mail To Gmail

Most of the time it has been a huge complication how to check the AOL emails on Gmail. After the transfer of whole data sometimes the user isn’t able to find out the mails and everything on Gmail. So to make Aol mail forwarding easier for you we have listed some of the steps that would help you in working on checking AOL emails on your Gmail account. All you have to do is just go and select the  “Account and import” option and Add up “POP3 mail to your account” in your account . as this is the best-proven method that helps you in forwarding the emails to your Gmail account. Forward aol mail to gmail Type your AOL email id and password for login and then check the box of ” label incoming messages” which works on helping you to forward all the AOL emails to Gmail and also works on the separation of normal mails on that account. Before selecting the add account option, Tap on “leave a copy” which enables you to leave a copy on the mail in your AOL account too.

Why is a Gmail account better than AOL mail?

Most of us have been aware of the advantages of Gmail over AOL. Well, still if there has been any confusion than there are  many points that work for choosing a Gmail account over AOL mail forwarding, There are many free email services out there but not all of them are really good. Thus Gmail account and AOL Mail are two popular services in the world, They both are free services in the mail. As they come with a big mail account option and despite AOL  being on the market for a longer time still Google has been able to beat that up in becoming one of the fastest mail in the world.

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Spam Protection

Gmail also comes up with a decent spam protection method but in case of Forwarding of AOL mail that works on spamming emails but sometimes it becomes a loss-making for business as most of the time some of the important emails have been turned down into the spam folder account.

Thus the Gmail is better as it comes with an awesome feature that allows you to mark as spam but also unsubscribe from a respective distribution list on the mail.

Multiple accounts

Using Gmail is one of the best features that you can use multiple accounts at the same time. As it has been awesome if you have multiple Gmail addresses. AOL lacks this part of the feature as they don’t have this kind of feature in addition. Gmail has been linked to many multiple features like Google search engine, Google + and YouTube. There are much more benefits of this if you are thinking of the forwarding process of AOL Mail to Gmail. Then you are at the right place as this article has covered the whole process of forwarding AOL Mail to Gmail. 

Now I think you are pretty aware of every step of how to forward AOL Mail & list of contacts to Gmail?

Well having all the emails to be forwarded on the mail account of Gmail is what most people usually prefer as the AOL experience is a bit more lacking as compared to the whole experience of Gmail.

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