How to Block Axis Bank Debit Card?

There are many banks that are operating in India. We have a good number of the public sector banks, these are the owns which are owned and operated by the Government of India. And we also have a good number of private banks which are independent in the industry. The completion in the Indian banking industry goes neck to neck. There is a race between the public sector and private sector banks. And there is even more competition between the private players in the industry.

The banks are just striving to get more customers and hold the current ones for a long period of time. Axis Bank is one of the leading banks when it comes to the list of top-performing private sector banks in our country. This is the same bank that was known as the UTI Bank previously. But now they are called the Axis Bank, however, the rebranding was done way to back itself. This article will be about the steps that you need to follow to block your Axis Bank debit card or the ATM Card if you have lost it.

We will cover almost everything which comes into the context when talking about the Axis Bank and the debit cards which are issued by this bank. There are many variants of the debit cards or the ATM card which are issued by the Axis Bank to its customers.

They have different categories of debit cards that are issued in the interest of different users as well. Let us have a look at their categories and the customer type segmentation of the cards.

Which are the Different Categories and Segments?

The categories of the cards in Axis Bank are as mentioned below.

  • Premium Cards.
  • Value Added Cards.
  • Segmented Cards.
  • Basic Cards.

They just don’t stop at the categories they have further segmented these cards for different types of customers as well. You will get an idea by reading the below list.

  • Youth.
  • Women.
  • NRI.
  • Defense Personnel etc.

But wait why am I telling you about these different types of cards? We are talking about the steps that you need to follow to block Axis Bank debit card right?

Let me tell you why.

Once you have blocked the card you will have to request a new one for you. We just can not survive without a debit card. And that is the reason why I am discussing these cards with you here. This will help you to choose your next debit card which you can request from the Axis Bank.

How to Block Axis Bank Debit Card?

Now you know about the different variants of the debit cards which Axis Bank offers to its customers. But before you can request a new one for you we have a task which is still incomplete.

That is blocking your old debit card which you have lost. It is always recommended to block the Axis Bank Card immediately after you lose it somewhere. It is important to avoid the unauthorized usage of your debit card.

And when it comes to blocking the lost card in Axis Bank. There are multiple ways to do it. Keep reading further to know more about the way to block your card.

Blocking Axis Bank Debit Card by Call

If you want to follow this way to block your lost debit card then you have to call the customer care of the bank. You can reach them on their Axis Official toll-free number: 1860 419 5555. There is an IVR option available that can be used to block your card. But if you are facing difficulties then talk to the customer care executive. Tell them that you have lost the card and want to block it and they will get this thing done for you.

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Blocking Axis Bank Debit Card by SMS

In case you don’t want to call the customer care number you can send an SMS from your registered mobile number. This SMS has to be sent in the pattern which is mentioned below. The keywords which are used should be properly typed by you.

If not then the SMS banking system won’t be able to understand what you are commanding it to do. So make sure that you don’t miss out on any keyword or letter.

 Type BLOCK CARD and send it to 5676782.

As soon as you send this SMS from your registered mobile number your Axis Bank debit card will be blocked.

Blocking Axis Bank Debit Card by Internet Banking

To do this you have to visit the official website of the Axis Bank. Login in to your Axis Bank internet banking account. Once you have logged in.

Click on My Debit Cards > Select the Debit Card you wish to block > And click on Block Now button.

When you click on Block Now button the bank will send you an OTP on your registered mobile number. You have to enter the OTP correctly in order to block your card using internet banking services.


These are the 3 methods that you can use to block your Axis Bank Debit card if you have lost it. Once you have blocked your lost card then you can request a new replacement card from the bank. They will send you a new debit card but the replacement charges should be paid by you.

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